Easy Suggestions For Arthritis Sufferers

• Bowel- It is important to have good daily function so as to not re-poison the system. If laxatives are necessary use flaxseeds or psyllium seeds. Buckthorn bark is a non habit-forming herb which can safely be used long-term. A colon-cleansing blend of herbs and fibre may be necessary initially, or even daily enemas until. the high fibre diet regulates bowel action.

Exercise also improves any constipation. Natural unpasteurised aloe vera juice will detoxify and improve bowel function. A healthy bowel environment is essential to prevent arthritis and proteus infestations, so live acidophilus should be taken regularly.

• Skin - dry skin brushing daily with a loofah or natural fibre brush, until skin has a warm glow. Brush in circular motion all over the body. Shower for three minutes under very hot water and finish with thirty seconds of cold. Both these methods improve circulation and skin function.

• Kidneys - drink 4-6 glasses of allowed fluids daily (fruit and vegetables produce more liquid).

• Lungs - exercise and deep breathing to rid the body of acids.