Hygiene and men’s health

Until the 19th century, washing and https://pillintrip.com/ru/medicine/boxagrippal was considered bad form and business. Especially in hot water. It was believed that diseases directly with water enter the steamed body through the skin. However, heating water was an unaffordable luxury. The gas had not yet been dug up, electricity had not been invented, and it was necessary to go to Siberia for firewood. The logistics were not fine-tuned. Expensive is shorter. Perhaps that is why the Catholic Church did not approve of cleanliness of the body. Lice were called ̶m̶a̶n̶d̶a̶v̶o̶sh̶ “pearls of God”, and their presence on your body spoke of special holiness, it would seem, what does it have to do with uh … pubic lice? ..

reflection in the bathroom mirror of a young bearded man applying a face mask to his skin in a skincare and hygiene concept

There is a documented fact of the ablution of King Louis 14 – “The Sun King” already twice in his life !!! Perhaps not of his own free will, but in a hyperglycemic coma, since he suffered from diabetes in a non-illusory manner. Russian ambassadors at the king’s court wrote that Their Majesty “stinks like a ̶s̶k̶u̶n̶s̶ wild beast.” And representatives of some holy orders were generally proud of the fact that the water never touched their feet, with the exception of wading the river. One popular bl̶o̶g̶e̶r̶u̶ doctor of the late 19th (!!!) century had to persuade NOROD to wash. He said that after the fifth or sixth bath you can still get used to it. It was believed that the doctor went crazy.
Do you know why they did not like the Jews, and, kakbe, drove them with rags all over Europe? You will still be surprised, but not because they had a lot of money and https://pillintrip.com/ru/medicine/mucosolvan, but 🔞ule – usurers, the banking sector, ̶s̶a̶n̶k̶ts̶i̶i̶ and all that, although for this too. In those distant times, epidemics raged, anal punishing, in the literal sense, entire cities and countries – dysentery, typhoid, cholera and other diarrheal joys. The Jews did not get sick! Well, if they were sick, then not so globally. And the solution is simple. We washed our hands before eating. Anyway, we washed ourselves. Plus, circumcision contributed to hygiene. Plus, the water after the toilet was used, and not improvised means such as an armful of leaves or just by hand!

We learned how we lived in Europe.
And what about Russia? And in Russia, every family, even the poorest one, had a bathhouse. We steamed once a week. Well, we can and less often, but still … And now the question is, what kind of especially gifted figure, by the way, dawned on that steaming is harmful to reproductive health ?!
In this place, there could well be selected unpicked mats, but you know, I am a cultured person😌 And in terms of culture, we are whoever you want … – you know what …
Well, not much science? Not all of you giggles and hakhanki. Yes, for the normal formation of spermatozoa, a temperature is required, which is lower than in a mortal body. Therefore, nature came up with the idea to remove the testicles from the body and place them in a separate individual container. The scrotum is somewhere around 34-35 Celsius. Ideal for spermatogenesis.
The sperm cell takes about 70 days to form and form, and this process takes place in the testes. And they are formed every second, every minute. Round the clock. But those already formed in the epididymis mature. This process takes about 12 more days. It turns out that those that were formed 3 months ago and are already mature come out with ejaculate. High temperatures can harm the sperm, but only at the time of formation. In the process of maturation in the appendages, he does not care the temperature! And now some simple math. And logic. Do you spend an hour in the sauna for its intended purpose? Two? And once a week? And sperm are produced tirelessly and around the clock! By the way, about 50 thousand of them are formed per minute !! Well, spermatogenesis decreased for this hour, so what? Theoretically, if you are in the bath around the clock for two weeks, you will make yourself sterile. For a while. But this is unrealistic. So sho … worry about your health. And then, what about people living in countries with year-round + 50 ??? 🤔 Can’t they just be told that the heat is not kosher? They breed like rabbits like kakbe … It’s the same with an increase in temperature during ailments with some banal ARI. Spermatozoa, then those that have matured for 12 days come out … The temperature does not affect them. In short, nature is not a fool and it has many defense mechanisms! Do not be ill. And don’t be fooled😉