Natural Arthritis Treatment with Food Combining

Dr Hay, in his book A New Health Era, maintains that arthritis responds to nutritional treatment alone. In his view it is only necessary to correct the acid-base balance of the body for arthritis to disappear. That is, to increase the alkaline-forming foods to 80% of the diet, and to make sure that they are not erroneously converted to acid. With incorrect food-combinations, alkaline-forming foods may become acid. Disturbed emotions at mealtimes, and eating when tired or unwell produces acidity. Lactose in milk forms mucous and acid if not utilized properly. In-sufficient alkalising minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium) cause inefficient metabolism and an accumulation of acid. Kelp tablets contain minerals in proportions needed by humans, and this is an easy way of ensuring an improved level of alkali in the body. Dr Hay warns that starches and sugars are the chief dietary causes of arthritis, mainly because they are normally eaten with incompatible foods. Therefore proper digestion is prevented and fermentation occurs.

Many types of whole-grains, if properly combined, are fine in small amounts, and wheatgerm and kelp are necessary supplements. I know at least three crippled osteo-arthritics who did nothing more than correct their acid-alkali balance with diet, and now in their 70s, they mow the lawns and dig the garden.