Simple Natural Treatment for Arthritis

This involves some or all of the following:

• Dietary changes, improvements in elimination processes, supplements of vitamins and minerals, herbal and homeopathic treatment and dealing with stress. Heat, hydrotherapy, massage, poultices and exercise may also be necessary.

• The first step is to stop causing the diseases by attending to diet and elimination processes, as well as controlling stress.

• Acid-forming foods must be cut back and alkaline-forming ones must be increased until a ratio of 80:20 is achieved, in favour of alkaline-forming foods. Eating habits must be changed on a permanent basis, and the necessary supplements taken. Parallel treatment ensures the elimination of waste from the bowel every day so that poisons cannot be reabsorbed.

• Acidic blood needs to be cleansed of all debris so that a healthy blood-supply reaches all tissues. Any anaemia must be treated, and I exercise commenced to increase the supply of oxygen to the tissues.

• Stress must be dealt with, through the medium of yoga, meditation or relaxation techniques.

• A new approach involving total health is needed.